Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ohio Tea Party submits 550,000 signatures for healthcare amendment

On Wednesday afternoon, a coalition of Ohio conservatives will flex their
muscles in a show of force against President Obama's health-care reform law.
Activists opposed to a health-insurance mandate will submit nearly 550,000
signatures to Ohio's Secretary of State in order to place a constitutional
amendment - known as the Healthcare Freedom Amendment - on the state's
November 2011 ballot. The sweeping effort, which appears to have easily
exceeded the 386,000 valid signatures required to put the amendment on the
ballot, caps a 15-month effort highlighting how opposition to health-care
reform - and particularly the individual mandate, its most controversial
provision - remains one of the Tea Party movement's best organizing tools.
"It's the biggest thing one of these new grassroots tea party-type groups
has undertaken," says Chris Littleton of the Ohio Liberty Council, a network
of more than 75 "liberty-minded" groups sprinkled throughout the state.