Sunday, August 21, 2011

Childhood story of the great leader, Kim Jong Il, North Korean Propaganda

This is a time for great general Kim Jong Il's childhood story. This time we will talk about when Great leader Kim Jong Il played a game of soldier. Everyone played soldier outside, right? Yes! The Great leader Kim Jong Il, also played soldier with his comrades, frequently. Everyone look here~. This is a picture of General greatly leading the troops. The one on a tall boulder is the Great Leader K. This great man wore his general uniform, as he carried pistol and binoculars. Do you know binoculars are? This is a binocular. If you look at it like this~, you can see far away things closer and smaller things look bigger. That's why bosses use this to look for enemies far away to command the front. Look at these comrades. What do they have on? Han Ban Gun child~. They are wearing grass and sticks! Why are they wearing them? To camouflage themselves! You guys seen this on movies, right? Yes! That's why they have these on~. With camouflage and wooden gun, they look like child army, right? Yes! Comrades considered the Great Leader (North Korean meaning) placed him in high regard. Someday, these comrades wanted to pick sides everyone wanted to be on Great Leader's side, so they couldn't pick a fair team. Why do think everyone wanted to be on his side? Because everyone knew he was a Great Leader! Because they knew Great Leader's team always wins! Yes, because Great Leader always won. Great Leader then picked the comrades, whom never been on a team with Great Leader. Only 4 were picked. All other became the other team. Others were astounded. Do you know why? Because team needed to be equal, but Great Leader's team only had 5 members. How can they win with only 5 comrades? General's comrade was worried. General said, "Comrades, our North Korean army went against with many! Imperialist army and Won! That is the real winner." Game started. They used pinecones as bullets. Yes, whoever gets hit, they die. General placed one kid on a tree, other to lore them in, and 2 others to hide behind a rock. Waited 'til they got close, kid on tree shoot them. They were confused. HAHAHA. They ambushed them left and right. Who do you think who won!? Kim Jong Il General!! Yes, Great General won! Look over here. Comrades were happy, so they cheered, by waving a NK flag and by waving a gun. Even the other team was so happy they cheered on also. Great general he always won on the soldier game. There are countless victory stories of Kim Jong Il. That's why he is highest ranking general country, no matter what; he protects this country from imperialist. From water, land and sky, he protects us with iron wall on every front. To thank him, lets all sing a song for him~~~.