Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Haslam, Alexander Agree they can not waste OUR money Indefinitely

Haslam and Alexander say there are limits to how much of OUR HARD EARNED MONEY they will flush down the toilet...maybe they are worried about using too much water?

This is OUR money and Haslam and Alexander have NO RIGHT to spend it just because they feel good about flaunting their grand good intentions.

How about this Lamar and Bill? I will keep the money in MY FAMILY BUDGET and if I want to buy ethanol, I will buy ethanol. You can keep your good intentions to yourself.

The state made its first investment in the project during the administration of former Gov. Phil Bredesen, and it was hailed as an innovative way for the state to get involved in clean energy. Haslam and Alexander touted many aspects of the program Tuesday, like the fact it doesn’t use a crop you could otherwise eat, such as corn, the fact that it helps Tennessee farmers financially and the fact that a source of energy is nice when it’s not foreign.

But both the governor and the senator were careful about devoting long-term government funding to what they saw.

“The state set aside $70 million back in 2007, and I think this is a great venture to see if that works,” Haslam said. “We can’t keep doing that. As government, we can’t keep investing in it.”