Friday, August 26, 2011

Here is an Economic Development Idea for Gov Haslam, Give Freedom a Chance

I know it sounds quaint but I am old enough to remember a time when businesses wanting to buy land and develop a new plant did just that...they negotiated with a private landowner, bought a piece of land, obtained all the zoning and codes permits they needed, just like everybody else, and then they built a new plant and hired new workers. Except for writing the codes and regulations, which should apply to everyone equally, the politicians allowed individual citizens to make decisions about their private property without interference.

I know that politicians just love to have corporate bigwigs come to them, hat in hand, and negotiate in secret over how much taxpayer money the bigwigs will get. It makes the pols feel very important and in many cases they have come to believe they are the gatekeepers of economic growth....poppycock, they are vote-seeking politicians who have created a privileged position for themselves and mucked up a process which private citizens can handle much more efficiently when allowed to LIVE IN FREEDOM.

Governor Haslam, you are not the gatekeeper or the arbiter of economic decisions. You are hired to run State Government efficiently as a trustee for the taxpayer's money. We can take care of the other economic decisions just fine.