Thursday, August 18, 2011

Transparency Check List for Local Tennessee Governments

This should be the absolute minimum starting point for information on local government web sites.

1. Elected & Administrative Officials: Contact Information
2. Meeting Information: Calendar (Future) Minutes & Board Packets (Past)
3. Public records: FOIA submission & FOIA Officer Contact Information
4. Budgets: General Fund and Special Projects
5. Financial Audits: Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports
6. Expenditures: Checkbook Register and Credit Card Receipts
7. Salary & Benefits: Wages, Salary, Overtime, Health, Dental, Life, Pension, etc.
8. Contracts: Union, Private Contractors, Vendors
9. Lobbying: Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying Associations
10. Taxes & Fees: Sales, Property, Income, and Miscellaneous Taxes, fees on residents & businesses