Saturday, August 20, 2011

University of Tennessee wants taxpayers to know how wonderful they are

The bureaucratic skills that are most highly rewarded in government are 1- organizational self-glorification and 2- expansion of stated role and staff.

So, even when bureaucrats are touting cost cutting they use it to expand their mission...good grief.

Ironically, UT Prof Glen Reynolds has been leading the charge exposing just how bloated higher ed has become.

"Anytime you can get in front of policy makers and provide them a perspective how the place runs and how we do pay attention to effectiveness is a good thing," said UT President Joe DiPietro after the meeting.

Trustee Charles Anderson asked for a fact sheet that trustees and university officials could have on hand to streamline their mission that not only does the university operate efficiently, but that it also has a positive impact on the state's economy.