Thursday, September 01, 2011

Best political slur of the day: "Gutless Maggot" for tax raising Aussie Pols

Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese has been grabbed and abused by anti-carbon tax protesters who marched to his inner Sydney electorate office calling him a "gutless maggot".

He was denounced by the anti-carbon tax protesters who marched through his Marrickville electorate on Thursday, behind a black coffin reading "democracy is dead".

The crowd of up to 200 were riled by his jibe in August that the Convoy of No Confidence - an anti-carbon tax protest by truck drivers outside Parliament House in Canberra - was really a "convoy of no consequence".

"We are of consequence, we are taxpayers and we have worked hard," Iris Feltham told AAP in Marrickville.

Ms Feltham, a former Labor supporter, said she had never protested before but was so dismayed by the proposed carbon tax that she felt compelled.

"All this is based on a lie. They said there will be no carbon tax. They lied."