Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Poll: Hoffa is not helping an already bad opinion of unions

Jimmy Hoffa is trying to get the Democratic base energized but, for most, he is simply reinforcing an already negative view of unions.


  • Almost two-thirds (65%) of adults agree that unions improve wages and working conditions of workers. A higher 72% of people who live in union households agree with this.
  • Over seven in ten believe that unions are too involved in politics (72%), are more concerned with fighting change than with trying to bring about change (71%) and stifle individual initiative (63%),
  • People in union households are somewhat less critical though majorities of union households still feel unions are too involved in politics (60%) and are more concerned about fighting change (63%). Further, a significant number of union families agree that unions stifle individual initiative (46%).
  • A majority of all adults (59%) disagree that unions work to get legislation that helps all working people, whether they are union members or not. Conversely, union members are more supportive of unions' efforts relating to legislation. Over half (55%) think unions work to get legislation that helps all working people.
  • By 62% to 38% a majority of Americans disagree that unions give members their money's worth for the dues they pay. Only 47% of union members agree with this sentiment.