Monday, September 19, 2011

Private Profits Are Morally Superior To Public Services

Link HT: Ralph Bristol
To hear politicians, you’d think if Washington didn’t shield helpless citizens from corporate depredations many an innocent life would be ruined. But businesses aren’t enemies conniving to exploit hapless workers and extract unwarranted profits. Businesses work feverishly developing products consumers desire.

Companies not only sell us ways to beautify and improve life, they also offer the means empowering us to acquire such articles: employment. Markets serve the interests of others, by seeking one’s own advancement. Profits accumulate when customers fancy our output. We gain by serving our neighbors.

Whether a company builds what customers willingly purchase, or workers sell their efforts, markets compensate those enhancing value. We profit commensurately to what we produce. In capitalism, it’s not necessarily those exhibiting superior virtue that thrive, but a correlation links earnings to the benefit provided.