Sunday, September 04, 2011

Undercover Corporate Extortion-Rutherford County Style

I hope the time is very near when a successful court challenge will stop this new wave of city and county crony capitalism. The vote-seeking, self-aggrandizing politicians will keep pushing the envelope, they have absolutely no incentive to stop this silliness. They just luv handing out taxpayer funded bribes which they can then call job-creation during their re-election campaign. The corporate extortionists are also happy to play the game. The only people who can stop this are you and me, fellow taxpayers.

Still, the fact that Rutherford County is competing with a handful of other counties in Middle and East Tennessee as well as other states forced IDB members to take what they called an "aggressive" stance, especially considering the Chamber of Commerce was operating under a "non-disclosure" agreement. 
"It's an unusual deal, and from where we are if we want to be in consideration for this project, that's what we had to do," said Paul Latture, president of the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce. 
The board approved two packages for the American-based warehousing and distribution company, which Latture called easily recognizable and fast-growing. The company is expected to pick a site in a couple of months and possibly buy land by Oct. 1.