Monday, October 31, 2011

Tennessee Halloween Emissions Testing Hell

Drivers all across Tennessee are lining up at emissions testing stations today, last day of the month, trying to make their bureaucratic rulers happy. What an absurd waste of time and money!!




Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy Protesters and the 2001-2 Income Tax Protests

This is one of my pictures from the income tax protests in 2002 (Click to see full size.) The perspective is from the Capitol steps looking back towards Legislative Plaza. I was struck by the trooper watching over us and the row of cones that kept us from encroaching on another event in the plaza. I don't remember the nature of the event on the plaza but some allowance was made so we didn't interfere. There were many tense moments between the troopers and protesters during the two years of protests but generally we worked it out. More pics HERE.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Majority now oppose banning assault weapons-YES!!!


Tennessee Higher Ed to become even more absurdly bloated

Bill Haslam is about to decide if Tennessee Parents and Taxpayers should be saddled with $1.5 billion more debt.

Bill, DON"T DO IT!!!

Higher Ed in Tennessee, like most other States, is run by a bloated, self-protecting bureaucracy that has become FAR TOO BIG and expensive. Billions in lottery money and absolutely ridiculous tuition hikes are being absorbed by the edu-bureaucrats like a dry sponge soaking up water. More will NEVER be enough.

Tuition could be cut substantially if  just a few public colleges in Tennessee would focus on providing a quality, no frills, undergraduate education. But, of course, the education bureaucrats will fight that concept tooth and nail because they would then become accountable for all the ridiculous excess in their budgets.

Shelby County Bookkeeper admits embezzling $1 million

Under oath Friday, Gunn said his scheme involved locating stale tax accounts in which money was owed to property owners. In some cases money that should have been paid out within a year sat in county accounts for as many as 17 years, he said.

After learning of the money taken from Taylor’s account, Gunn’s supervisors told him to repay the money. Gunn did — by stealing even more money from the court.

According to evidence presented Friday, Gunn embezzled another $73,000 in March and directed cashier’s checks, disguised in the names of others, to be paid to the court.

“He embezzled more money at that time,” prosecutor Fred Godwin told Judge Mays. “He stole more money in order to repay.”

Friday, October 28, 2011

Obamacare's Subsidies Remove 8 Million from the Tax Rolls

One of the most perilous developments of recent years has been the rise in the percentage of Americans who pay no income tax. According to the Tax Foundation, 59 million Americans—42 percent of all filers—had zero or even negative income tax liability. Now, anew report from the Joint Committee on Taxation says that, thanks to Obamacare’s exchange subsidies, an additional 8 million Americans will no longer have an income tax liability. If present trends continue, we will soon live in a country where a majority of Americans pay no income tax. This may sound like a good thing, but it’s not. In fact, it’s quite worrisome.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Morning Memphis Drivers stuck in emissions testing

Please know that you are making bureaucrats smile in DC. They have many plans for your life...they care about you and just want you to live your life in a way that makes them happy.

Want to use the time on your hands productively? Call Steve Cohen: (901) 544-4131 and tell him you would rather be doing something else.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Morning Sumner and Williamson County Drivers

stuck in line at your emissions testing center.

If you would like to complain about this waste of YOUR money and YOUR time you can call:

Diane Black:  (615) 206-8204
Marsha Blackburn: 615-591-5161

Congress is an embarrassment on almost every level

I happened to surf by C-Span yesterday and it caught my eye because our own Senator Lamar was there in a mark-up session over revisions to No Child Left behind.

There they were, the great Senators, looking all somber and respectful towards each other, reverently discussing the nauseating minutia of legislation that never should have been passed and trying to "fix" it in ways that will make it infinitely worse. It will become more expensive to "implement" and even more counter-productive and destructive to educational quality. There will be even more rules and regulations that will serve only one purpose: the teacher unions and educational bureaucrats can use them as leverage to increase their power and influence.

Congress is so deeply flawed an institution that members have apparently lost the ability for any kind of serious self-analysis. On any visit to DC you will see armies of young, self-important gatekeepers surrounding members  of Congress like starry eyed groupies. They are constantly telling their mega-star how many appointments they have, all scheduled to the half-minute, and how many people back home desperately want them to attend the next rubber chicken dinner.

And all the while, the country is sinking into the fiscal abyss and our liberties are being slowly stolen by an army of DC bureaucrats who very sincerely believe we, as a people, have lost our ability and our right to live our lives in freedom.

The Media's (Natural) Gas Problem

... the media's treatment of scientific studies should be treated as a kind of rolling health scare, a structural imbalance based on a selection bias that is unlikely to change anytime soon. So what are news consumers to do in the short run? Just remember, the most deceptive lead in science journalism is, "A new study shows''

Monday, October 24, 2011

Good Monday Morning Nashville Drivers stuck

at the Craighead Street Emissions testing center. Here is Congressman Jim Cooper's Nashville office number if you would like to dial him up while you wait: 615-736-5295.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kadafi should have been Occupy Wall St's Top Target

Reporting from Washington— Moammar Kadafi secretly salted away more than $200 billion in bank accounts, real estate and corporate investments around the world before he was killed, about $30,000 for every Libyan citizen and double the amount that Western governments previously had suspected, according to senior Libyan officials.

The new estimates of the deposed dictator's hidden cash, gold reserves and investments are "staggering," one person who has studied detailed records of the asset search said Friday. "No one truly appreciated the scope of it."

If the values prove accurate, Kadafi will go down in history as one of the most rapacious as well as one of the most bizarre world leaders, on a scale with the late Mobutu Sese Seko in Zaire or the late Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tea Party has Common Ground with Occupy Wall Street?

This is my personal assessment of what I, as a Tea Party activist, may have in common with some of those involved in occupy Wall Street:

1- The joys of lawful public protests and demonstrations...not only the right of expressing yourself as a citizen but the camaraderie.

2- A desire to see my governments, federal, state and local, stop ALL corporate/business welfare and subsidies.

3- A desire to see my governments, federal, state and local, stop ALL business bailouts.

4- Lawbreakers who are corporate employees should be administered the same punishment for crimes as common thieves. I am sure I would differ with OWS about Dodd-Frank for example but if a corporate official steals $1 million, he should serve the same sentence as the guy who robs a bank.

5- The conviction that Congress is completely ineffective at solving problems. The ONLY thing Congress does well is to screw up our lives. The most worthy goal for Congress is irrelevance. Congress should be preserving our freedom to make decisions for ourselves, not trying to make decisions for us.

6- The conviction that Congress is controlled by the influence of large donors. (of course we would differ on the solution to this solution is a MUCH smaller and more transparent government, the OWS solution is is turn over control of campaign financing to the politicians via public, meet hen house)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Are we sheep or are we Free Citizens...see the pictures

These are webcam captures from today, Oct 21 at Davidson and Williamson County Tennessee emissions testing centers. This is a RIDICULOUS and insane waste of time and money and an insult to freedom. Please join us on Facebook and STOP Car Emissions Testing in Tennessee.

Gibson President Henry Juskiewizc says Pres Obama LIED

THANK YOU Henry and everyone at Gibson who stands behind you. Most CEOs would simply not have the courage to speak out so forcefully.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Signs help clarify OWS movement

Sarcasm aside, it is interesting that many of the OWS encampments are clear examples of free market, spontaneous order with no strong, top down, central governing authority that, ironically, many of the participants would happily embrace.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

STOP the HUGE Waste of time and Money,

Automobile emissions testing is a ridiculous and wholly unnecessary waste of time and money for the Citizens of Tennessee. Testing does NOT make the air cleaner. Modern cars simply do not need this testing and for the citizens it is a half day at least of lost time and money that is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

It is TIME for our elected representatives to be OUR advocates and tell the EPA bureaucrats to back off.

Please visit the FB Page and LIKE us and join the fight to STOP this massive, federal government caused waste of time and money:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Definition of "give back": Childish envy of other's property

Not sure who authored this Tennessean Headline: "Struggling TN county wants Jack Daniel to give back" but the use of "give back" has become symptomatic of the infantilizing of public discourse.

In this case the headline writer apparently is trying to imply that someone wants the mangers and/or owners and/or employees of Jack Daniels to give up some of their private property because the people who work at Jack Daniels are deeply evil and predatory and must be forced to "give back."

The Tennessean headlines writers have been watching one too many occupy Wall Street videos. How about the Gannett employees "give back" some good news coverage. I would be much more willing to "give back" some money for a subscription and then Gannett could "give back" more money to their employees.

Aussie anger over Carbon Tax points to huge opposition win

A clear majority of voters, 60 per cent, believe the Opposition Leader would have the electoral and moral authority to repeal the tax.

With the government's asylum seeker policy also in disarray, the Coalition's primary vote has now soared to a crushing 51 per cent, according to a Galaxy poll commissioned by The Daily Telegraph.

It is the largest primary vote the coalition has enjoyed in any poll since 1996 - when John Howard defeated Paul Keating - with Labor now stuck at a morale-sapping 29 per cent.

Meanwhile, a Nielsen poll, in Fairfax newspapers, shows the government would be swept away by a two-party preferred 57-43 per cent landslide.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where is the Outrage? Yankees make more than Bankers

Lots MORE!! A baseball player making more than a banker!! And don't even think about NFL Quarterbacks

In 1988 (earliest year available from the USA Today Salaries Databases), the average salary of a baseball player on the New York Yankees ($700,339) was 28 times the average salary in other private sector jobs in New York City (about $25,000).  By 2010, the average salary for the Yankees (if you want to gnash your teeth, the average is now $8,253,000) was 124 times the average private sector salary in NYC ($66,120).  

Online Newspapers in Tennessee

Link HT: Donald Sensing

Friday, October 14, 2011

Obama's Long Term Care "Class Act" gets terminated

The initiative, known as the Class Act, was included in the law to help Americans cover the cost of aid for daily-living needs such as bathing and using the toilet if they became unable to care for themselves. Mounting concerns that the program was too costly over the long run had prompted officials at the Department of Health and Human Services to re-examine the program in recent months. Last month, it fired the program's chief actuary and reassigned other staff.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told Congress in a letter that she doesn't see a viable path forward at this time. By law, implementation of the program was contingent on the HHS secretary ensuring the program was fiscally sustainable and doesn't use taxpayer funding to pay out benefits.

Bolero Flash Mob at Copenhagen Central Station

Thursday, October 13, 2011

BBC: Guitar maker partners with Tea Party against government


They may form an unexpected match but the maker of Gibson guitars and the Tea Party have joined together to protest against the US government.

Federal agents raided a Gibson factory under suspicion the company was importing illegal wood for guitars, and an investigation is currently under way.

Occupy Wall Street: a Very Privileged Protest


One of the students who joined in, an arts major at trendy Parsons design school in New York, flicked through pictures on her pricey laptop as she sat on the park floor.

Another listened to a speech and chanted along with furious activists while wearing a pair of True Religion jeans - which are marketed on their website at about $300.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We are the 53% (Who Pay Taxes)

We are the 53%

Occupy Wall Street, the Early Years

When Governments solve a debt problem with more debt...

We have GOVERNMENT Debt problems all across the globe. Rather than admitting the problem and doing what is necessary to deal with TOO MUCH DEBT, GOVERNMENTS simply incur more debt.

Greece's deficit still growing after tax moves

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Swedes use FREEDOM...400% more private health insurance

What will the socialists in Sweden do about this alarming trend? They will do what socialists always do, they will use government as a tool to impose what they clearly believe to be their superior moral orthodoxy on their fellow citizens and try to eliminate private insurance. Socialism=Tyranny.

Private healthcare insurance plans have grown a whopping 400 percent in a decade and critics argue that the development could threaten the efficient provision of public healthcare.

Eva-Lisa Krabbe, political secretary at the Swedish Association of Health Professionals (Vårdförbundet), a union for Swedish healthcare workers, is among those dismayed by the trend.

"We think healthcare should be available through the public system. If we have a public system that covers people's needs, there's no need for insurance," she argues.

While Sweden has long taken pride in its public healthcare system, lengthening queues and at times inconsistent care have prompted many Swedes to opt for private healthcare with many gaining the benefit through insurance policies offered by employers, currently responsible for 80 percent of healthcare insurance market.

Kent Andersson, Nordic manager of healthcare insurance at Swedish insurance giant Trygg-Hansa, argues that while he recognises the risk that "willingness to pay for the public system will drop" he said that the trend reflects a change in consumer habits.

Monday, October 10, 2011

People in Government are NOT smarter or more virtuous

than people outside Government. This is a truism of course but because people in government have extraordinary power and because the natural tendency of ALL of us is to self-justify and self-aggrandize people in government tend to believe they can make better decisions than the people they "govern." Of course this is NOT true. In fact, their decisions are almost always flawed by the most intoxicating of all the vices, power over other people's lives.

Crime pays for Police

Biggest Drug Lord of all: Medicare, Medicaid

The investigators, from the Government Accountability Office, said Medicare officials had been slow to recognize and act on the evidence of abuse, which is to be presented at a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

“Our analysis found that about 170,000 Medicare beneficiaries received prescriptions from five or more medical practitioners” for 14 types of drugs that are frequently abused, said Gregory D. Kutz, director of forensic audits and special investigations at the accounting office.

The medications were obtained through Part D of Medicare, which provides coverage for prescription drugs. The drugs most commonly abused by Medicare beneficiaries included powerful prescription painkillers like oxycodones and hydrocodone products. Oxycodones include OxyContin and Percocet.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Join us Sat Oct 8 in Nashville as we Stand with Gibson

All the details at

In the Meantime listen to two Giants of the Guitar World, Chester Adkins and Lester Paul play somewhere over the rainbow.