Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Congress is an embarrassment on almost every level

I happened to surf by C-Span yesterday and it caught my eye because our own Senator Lamar was there in a mark-up session over revisions to No Child Left behind.

There they were, the great Senators, looking all somber and respectful towards each other, reverently discussing the nauseating minutia of legislation that never should have been passed and trying to "fix" it in ways that will make it infinitely worse. It will become more expensive to "implement" and even more counter-productive and destructive to educational quality. There will be even more rules and regulations that will serve only one purpose: the teacher unions and educational bureaucrats can use them as leverage to increase their power and influence.

Congress is so deeply flawed an institution that members have apparently lost the ability for any kind of serious self-analysis. On any visit to DC you will see armies of young, self-important gatekeepers surrounding members  of Congress like starry eyed groupies. They are constantly telling their mega-star how many appointments they have, all scheduled to the half-minute, and how many people back home desperately want them to attend the next rubber chicken dinner.

And all the while, the country is sinking into the fiscal abyss and our liberties are being slowly stolen by an army of DC bureaucrats who very sincerely believe we, as a people, have lost our ability and our right to live our lives in freedom.