Monday, October 17, 2011

Definition of "give back": Childish envy of other's property

Not sure who authored this Tennessean Headline: "Struggling TN county wants Jack Daniel to give back" but the use of "give back" has become symptomatic of the infantilizing of public discourse.

In this case the headline writer apparently is trying to imply that someone wants the mangers and/or owners and/or employees of Jack Daniels to give up some of their private property because the people who work at Jack Daniels are deeply evil and predatory and must be forced to "give back."

The Tennessean headlines writers have been watching one too many occupy Wall Street videos. How about the Gannett employees "give back" some good news coverage. I would be much more willing to "give back" some money for a subscription and then Gannett could "give back" more money to their employees.