Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shelby County Bookkeeper admits embezzling $1 million

Under oath Friday, Gunn said his scheme involved locating stale tax accounts in which money was owed to property owners. In some cases money that should have been paid out within a year sat in county accounts for as many as 17 years, he said.

After learning of the money taken from Taylor’s account, Gunn’s supervisors told him to repay the money. Gunn did — by stealing even more money from the court.

According to evidence presented Friday, Gunn embezzled another $73,000 in March and directed cashier’s checks, disguised in the names of others, to be paid to the court.

“He embezzled more money at that time,” prosecutor Fred Godwin told Judge Mays. “He stole more money in order to repay.”