Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tea Party has Common Ground with Occupy Wall Street?

This is my personal assessment of what I, as a Tea Party activist, may have in common with some of those involved in occupy Wall Street:

1- The joys of lawful public protests and demonstrations...not only the right of expressing yourself as a citizen but the camaraderie.

2- A desire to see my governments, federal, state and local, stop ALL corporate/business welfare and subsidies.

3- A desire to see my governments, federal, state and local, stop ALL business bailouts.

4- Lawbreakers who are corporate employees should be administered the same punishment for crimes as common thieves. I am sure I would differ with OWS about Dodd-Frank for example but if a corporate official steals $1 million, he should serve the same sentence as the guy who robs a bank.

5- The conviction that Congress is completely ineffective at solving problems. The ONLY thing Congress does well is to screw up our lives. The most worthy goal for Congress is irrelevance. Congress should be preserving our freedom to make decisions for ourselves, not trying to make decisions for us.

6- The conviction that Congress is controlled by the influence of large donors. (of course we would differ on the solution to this solution is a MUCH smaller and more transparent government, the OWS solution is is turn over control of campaign financing to the politicians via public, meet hen house)