Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Green Government Idiocy...this time, fuel cells

Why can't these fools in government just leave us the hell alone!! If they want to show the world how grandly green they are then do it with their own MONEY!

Ethanol-It ruins our cars and now food is more expensive.
Solar-One word, Solyndra
and now Fuel Cells

After spending millions of dollars to run a state complex with fuel cells, partly to boast of their size and also to tout a homegrown industry, Connecticut officials concede privately that the cost is too high and they're looking to get out of a complicated, long-term contract.

The state spends $1.4 million every year for the fuel cells at its 10-year-old juvenile center, an amount that Connecticut's energy commissioner, Daniel Esty, called excessive in an email Sept. 6 to the governor's budget chief.

"The fuel cells installed were oversized for the facility to be able to 'brag' about it being the largest fuel cell installation in the world" at that time, he wrote in the email that was obtained by The Associated Press in a Freedom of Information request.

He was responding to a message from the budget chief, Benjamin Barnes, who said removing the fuel cells would save that $1.4 million each year — "real money by any measure."