Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time for Nashville to get off the Crack of Corporate Welfare

Gail Kerr's column talks about the first significant vote for council freshman: Does Nashville force Metro Taxpayers to pay the taxes of a big corporation? The answer should be a clear and resounding NO. Karl Dean should NOT be the gatekeeper for business development decisions in Nashville and he certainly should NOT be giving away taxpayer money to large corporations.

Listen to the people!!! The only group that likes corporate welfare is the executives of large corporations. They are happy to pervert our political system and politicians like Karl Dean are happy to help them line their pockets.

The freshman council members, he said, will “not just roll over and take a property tax increase that everyone is talking about without a minimal amount of holding some people accountable.”

Steine said he thinks there has been “considerable council angst over the last few years that we weren’t competing with surrounding counties.” That, he said, will be part of the debate.

“There will be a tremendous discussion, both pro and con,” he said.

An understatement, if ever there was one.