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John Tanner was Heath Schuler's mentor??

Those election losses enabled Shuler to rise in the group’s leadership and gain visibility on key fiscal issues.

“I think he’ll be a real player,” said John Tanner, a former Blue Dog congressman from Tennessee who is now vice chairman of Prime Policy Group, a Washington lobbying firm. “As the middle gets hollowed out in Congress, the ones who are left who are truly in the middle will be more sought-after, not less.”

Tanner, whom Shuler considers a mentor, said the ex-football player showed his fiscally conservative streak before he came to Congress. When Shuler signed with the Washington Redskins in 1994, he saved his bonus and lived on his salary alone — “not the modus operandi of most professional athletes,” Tanner noted.

“Plus, he was a quarterback,” Tanner added, “and they’re just natural leaders.”

Shuler is well-liked by members of both parties, according to Tanner and Allen Boyd, another former Blue Dog congressman and mentor.

Merry Christmas to all Natural Gas and Energy Consumers!!

Professor Perry lists just a few of the natural gas price reduction notices that have resulted from the gas fracking technology revolution. Natural gas prices are plummeting and the substitution effect is lowering prices for ALL energy consumers, i.e., many oil and coal powered plants are being converted to much cheaper natural gas.

What will all the all the enviro-wackos do with all that extra money?


Here's a Christmas Christmakwanzakuh present for consumers around the country: Natural gas prices for residential customers are falling this winter, thanks to the fracking revolution and America's new abundant supply of shale gas:

1. "Idaho's Intermountain Gas Company filed a request Thursday with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission to lower natural gas rates for its customers. The company says it is filing the interim purchased gas adjustment because the price of natural gas continues to decrease."
2.  "After years of increases, some of them in double digits, Pacific Northern Gas (PNG) is reducing its rates. In filings made to the BC Utilities Commission,  PNG wants to drop its overall residential rate by 1.1 per cent next year."

3. "Residential customers of Tennessee's Piedmont Natural Gas should get a break in their bills starting Feb. 1 as natural gas costs continue to fall. That is expected to be followed the next month by an increase in service charges, if it’s approved by the Tennessee Regulatory Authority. Still, payments over a year should be about 7 percent less after both changes. The typical residential customer who spent $739 for natural gas this year would pay $685 after the adjustments, according to Piedmont."

4.  "If you're a
Connecticut Light & Power customer you got a little something extra in your stocking this holiday season, as the state's largest electrical company announced Thursday that most residential customers will see a 7.5 percent rate decease on their bills starting in January."

"The lower rates are primarily due to
falling natural gas prices, which affects how much we pay for power," said Jim Muntz, CL&P's acting president. "This is very positive news not only for our residential customers, but for all of our Standard Service customers, who will see reductions in their rates."

5. "
New Jersey's PSE&G has announced that it is lowering residential gas bills by an additional 4.6 percent, or nearly $8.53 per winter month for the typical residential customer.
The utility said the action represents the eighth decrease in a row for residential customers, for a total of more than $614, or 35 percent, in savings since January 2009. The price reduction takes effect Dec. 1.

PSE&G attributed the cost savings and rate reductions to
lower market prices for natural gas, which are partially due to the availability of abundant and lower cost shale gas."

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A Christmas Present for the Tea Party, a Politician with spine

Thank YOU Janice is what she said when asked why should would turn down "free" money:
“There’s nothing free about government money,” Mayor Janice Daniels said in an interview. “It’s never free, and it’s crippling our way of life.”
WOW!!! I feel better already....the dolts in DC don't understand 15 trillion of debt but Janice Daniels does...thank  YOU Mayor Daniels.

The Troy transit center’s construction, by comparison, required no local contribution, and its predicted annual maintenance cost of $31,000 was, in the context of the city’s $50 million budget, “de minimis,” said Mark Miller, the assistant city manager.

The federal government’s largess is no reason to build the transit center when the national debt stands at $15 trillion, Mayor Daniels said.

Lets brew some tea in Music City

Forbes says don't die in TN

The District of Columbia and 22 states impose estate and/or inheritance taxes. States with estate taxes typically exempt $1 million or less per estate from their tax and impose a top rate of 16%. Six states levy only an inheritance tax, with the rate depending on the relationship of the heir to the deceased and the taxes kicking in, in some cases, on the first dollar of bequest. Two states, Maryland and New Jersey, impose both. Maryland, for example, imposes an estate tax of up to 16% above a $1 million exemption, and a 10% inheritance tax on every dollar left to a niece, nephew, friend or partner, but no inheritance tax on money left to children, grandchildren, parents or siblings. (Any estate tax owed is reduced by the inheritance tax paid.) As in the federal system, bequests to a spouse are tax-free.

When will young people start raising hell about Social Security?

How NOT to throw a Grenade

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Good analysis of the appeal of Ron Paul

At a time when our country is drowning in debt, the other GOP candidates seem unwilling to venture much beyond the idea of cutting “fraud, waste, and abuse.” Paul, on the other hand, has a specific plan to cut $1 trillion from the federal budget next year, including abolishing five cabinet agencies. That may or may not be practical, but it speaks to those seeking a smaller, less costly, less intrusive government, in a way that other candidates, with their 59-point plans for carefully trimming this agency or that, do not.

Even on foreign policy, an area where Paul diverges most from the GOP mainstream, voters seem sympathetic to Paul, particularly when it comes to the idea that not every world hot spot represents an existential threat to America. There is good reason to wonder what victory in Afghanistan would really look like. They ask if war with Iran is the only solution. And, when we are committing more troops and treasure to countries as unrelated to national security as Uganda, they ask whether there is any limit to U.S. commitments. They may not answer these questions by proposing the same degree of non-involvement as Representative Paul, but neither are they excited by other candidates’ bellicosity.

Concrete finishing machine gone wild...funny

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South Koreans and South Florida Cuban Ex-pats...what UP?

Kim Jong Il was a murderous, monstrous killer. He was a depraved socipath who was just as deeply evil as Pol Pot and Hitler ever dared to be. He and his father before him stayed in power for decades killing countless people and destroying the hope and dignity of all the citizens of North Korea.

I just don't understand why the South Koreans (not the government, the people of South Korea) are not more organized and dedicated to bringing this nightmare to an end.

And the same with Cuban ex-pats. Castro is just as megalomaniacly evil and monstrous as Kim. Why are they not organizing all sorts of revolutionary actions with all the tools available today?

I am not being critical so much as I am just mystified? What gives?

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Obama: the 4th most egomaniacal President?

I disagree, I think he is numero uno when it comes to self-agrandisement. He is the big kahuna of self-delusion.

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Tax Free Roll Your Own Cigarettes Popular in TN

Nationally, there has been some controversy over the roll-your-own-smokes machines, because customers don't have to pay a cigarette tax. The state of Tennessee however, does not appear to be kicking up a fuss over it.

Smokes 4 Less on Western Avenue advertises up to 50% off a carton of cigarettes. Customer Erica Smith was making a carton. She says she's never going back to traditional cigarettes. "Because they burn longer, slower and they are cheaper," Smith said.

Essentially a customer is buying the loose tobacco and the empty cigarette tubes. Then they pay to use the machine that puts the two together.

Special Report: Tea Party grassroots army readies for battle

"The Tea Party movement is more organized, more focused and more potent," said Rep. Scott, who talks regularly to Dugan. "What happened in 2010 was not the end. It was just the beginning."

Tea Party supporters now hold fewer sign-waving rallies, a hallmark of their early opposition to bank bailouts and President Barack Obama's healthcare reform in 2009. But the movement isn't losing steam.

Interviews with activists across 20 U.S. states indicate that Tea Party groups, far from fading, have evolved into an increasingly sophisticated and effective network of activists. They are working to unseat establishment Republicans who they believe have betrayed the principles of lower taxes, limited government, and free markets.

CA Chuck E. Cheese's fined for child-labor violations

Restaurants in Cupertino, Redwood City, Brentwood, Newark, San Bruno,
Fairfield and two in San Jose allowed teenagers to load and operate
trash compactors, while the Chuck E. Cheese's in Rohnert Park allowed
minors to operate a dough mixer, according to the U.S. Department of
Labor's wage and hour division. Minors are not allowed to operate the

"We all want young workers to develop the skills and experience
necessary to compete in the marketplace, but safety must never be
sacrificed in the process," said Ruben Rosalez, acting administrator
in the Western region for the Labor Department's wage and hour
division. "Employers have an obligation to ensure minors are not
performing tasks that could be harmful, which is why these child labor
rules were established."

Dennis Hopper recites Kipling's IF on 1970 Johnny Cash TV Show

Complete text of the Poem

Yummy: Santa Hat Brownies


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Man charged with sales tax evasion for boat purchase

CLINTON (WATE) - A Knoxville man turned himself in Monday on charges of sales tax evasion in Anderson County.

Jerry Lee Hatmaker, 64, was indicted by an Anderson County Grand Jury on four counts of sales tax evasion.

He was also indicted on one count of filing a false report, one count of perjury and one count of forgery.

The indictment charges that Hatmaker faked records when he bought a boat and underreported sales tax of $2,050.50.

Hatmaker's bond was set at $25,000.

Obama's Kansas Speech: "No Citizen Left Alone"

I have never heard a mainstream politician, let alone a President, make such a speech. Obama has dropped all pretense of believing that US Citizens are capable of living their lives in freedom.

His speech was in fact a repudiation of the very basic notion that the individual citizen is the foundation of a moral and just society. This speech put forth a vision of an authoritarian government constantly monitoring and mediating every aspect of our existence.

Carlson School of Management Flash Mob, Deck the Halls

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Newt: FDR,"The Greatest President of the 20th Century"

Govt Employee Union says 70% achievement is just great

Government Employee Unions protect and preserve incompetence, always have and always will.

The message of unions, private and government, is that employees can NOT improve their status and income through their own efforts, they must look to the union for all improvements in their income.

On September 30, 2009, Veterans Service CenterManager Sandy Hill presented Mr. Fisher with a notice of proposed removal. Ms. Hill informed Mr. Fisher in thenotice that he had failed to meet the requirements of thePIP. Specifically, Ms. Hill stated that although his Rat-ing Specialist position required an average accuracy rateof 85 percent or better throughout the year, based upon areview of his August cases, Mr. Fisher had achieved onlya 70 percent cumulative average. Ms. Hill further statedthat, over the period of the PIP, Mr. Fisher’s cumulativeaverage had declined from 82.6 percent to 70 percent.Subsequently, on October 30, 2009, the VA’s RegionalOffice Director notified Mr. Fisher that he was beingremoved from his position as a Rating Specialist forfailure to meet the requirements of his position for accu-racy in rating decisions.

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Ralph Bristol's commentary on Gov Haslam and Estate Tax

Tennessee has one of the highest Estate Tax rates in the country. Tennessee's estate tax kicks in at $1 mil whereas the Feds don't start collecting until $5 mil. This high rate is like a big red flashing STAY OUT sign to high net worth individuals, the very same individuals that spend and invest lots of money with very few demands on public servies. Ralph has some important insight into the politics of the issue.

Lindsey Graham calls CFPB ‘Stalinist’ he wants it for Congress

Lindsey Graham says CFPB is Stalinist...but instead of eliminating a Stalinist agency, he wants to put the Stalinist agency under the control of Congress? Tell me why we need Republicans?

“The reason Republicans don’t want to vote for it is we want a board, not one person making all the regulatory decisions, and there’s no oversight under this person; he gets a check from the Federal Reserve. We want him under the Congress so we can oversee the overseer,” Graham said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

PJ O'Rourke: Its just not fair that you were born in America


Only a bureaucrat could understand keeping "vacant" positions

NASHVILLE -- State agencies are scrambling to save hundreds of long-vacant positions set to be axed next year, warning that abolishing some could harm services for Tennesseans most in need and, in one case, risk federal penalties.

The move comes in response to a directive from Gov. Bill Haslam that state departments eliminate frozen positions vacant for more than a year unless they can "buy" them back by making cuts in less vital areas.

Four years of budget cuts and hiring freezes, a lagging economic recovery and higher demand for services have taken their toll on the state, some commissioners have said.

The upcoming 2012-13 budget proposal will be the first shaped entirely by Haslam, a Republican who succeeded Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen last January. The current 2011-12 budget that went into effect July 1 was built largely on Bredesen's recommendations.

In his 2010 campaign, Haslam spoke of the need for a "leaner and more efficient, effective and accountable state government."

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Dems attack Newt as "Original Tea Partier"

Woman tells Gender Hustlers to Leave her the Hell alone

You GO GIRL!! 

We need to get more guys who are running tech startups instead decide to be stay-at-home dads.

What do you think of that? Stupid, right? That’s what it sounds like when anyone suggests that we need to get more women doing startups.

If you are worried that women don’t feel capable of doing whatever they want, you can stop worrying. Women outperform men in school at such a huge rate that it’s easier to get into college as a male than a female. And women take that to the bank by earning more than men in their 20s. Women would probably continue out-earning men except that when men and women have kids, women choose to downshift way more often than men do.

Why are these people smiling? Why, Legal Bribery of course

When our elected officials can smile as wide as ole Bev on the left about taxpayer funded crony capitalism corruption, we are in deep caca.

Charlotte’s effort to land Cincinnati-based Chiquita Brands International — and the 400 high-paying jobs it will bring — also included expensive dinners, custom-made bowties and a citywide Twitter campaign. Chiquita also cited the advantages of Charlotte’s airport, with far more nonstop flights to the countries where the company does business.

“States and localities have become more aggressive in their use of incentives, and at the same time … companies have become a lot more aggressive in what they ask for,” said Jonathan Morgan, a professor in the School of Government at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. “It kind of contributes to this slippery slope of, the more you offer in incentives, the more companies will demand.”

Studying aroma therapy with taxpayer dollars, sweet smell of waste

Thanks to a $374,000 taxpayer-funded grant, we now know that inhaling lemon and lavender scents doesn't do a lot for our ability to heal a wound. With $666,000 in federal research money, scientists examined whether distant prayer could heal AIDS. It could not.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine also helped pay scientists to study whether squirting brewed coffee into someone's intestines can help treat pancreatic cancer (a $406,000 grant) and whether massage makes people with advanced cancer feel better ($1.25 million). The coffee enemas did not help. The massage did.

Could the dog whisperer do this? I think not

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Huge Demonstration in Russia: Twitter Pics

More Pics HERE

Filmmaker gets caught for Corporate welfare Fraud

Giving out corporate welfare to "encourage" film makers seems particularly prone to fraud and abuse. The case below is from Mass. HERE is a recent case in Louisiana.

Adams, a 50-year-old Barnstable resident and former political operative, was hauled into Boston Municipal Court yesterday on larceny charges for allegedly inflating expenses on his 2008 made-in-Massachusetts film “The Golden Boys,” and 2009’s set-on-the-Cape romantic comedy “The Lightkeepers,” which starred Dreyfuss and Blythe Danner.


In 2009, he allegedly puffed up his expense reports to get a $4.2 million tax credit for “The Lightkeepers,” claiming to have spent more than $17 million in eligible expenses, including a $2.5 million salary for Dreyfuss. But prosecutors say Dreyfuss was paid just $400,000 and that many of the expenses were bogus.

In all, Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office said Adams fraudulently received more than $4 million in tax credits, which were then sold off to other unnamed companies. State law allows filmmakers to receive tax credits of up to 25 percent of production costs.

Rare Videos: Elvis and Angelina Jolie when they were young

TN City asking for contributions in Lieu of Taxes

Verschuur got the idea while touring Spain this past summer.

"We saw this huge cathedral being built, and our tour guide said it was funded through public money," the commissioner said. "No government money was involved."

The cathedral has been under construction more than 100 years and isn't near completion. But the notion inspired Verschuur.

"If people can contribute money like that for the public good, why not try it in Lakeland?" Verschuur said, noting that he donated $600.

Carmichael said over the years the city has received periodic donations from citizens, including about $15,000 last year.

"We thought it was a novel idea, and certainly something worth exploring," Tompkins said. "If it was successful, it would allow us to do more than we could do otherwise."

Carmichael said the only scenarios he envisions where the city would implement a property tax would be to provide emergency services or to support municipal school districts being considered by suburban cities.

"We'll make do without taxes," Verschuur said.

Russian Blogger in Prison for saying: ‘the Party of Swindlers and Thieves,’

MOSCOW — The man most responsible for the extraordinary burst of antigovernment activism here over the past week will not speak at a rally planned for Saturday, or even attend it, because he is in prison.

Cut off from the Internet, Russia’s best-known blogger will have to wait until the next morning, when his lawyer will take him a stack of printouts telling him what happened — whether the protest fizzled, exploded into violence or made history. At a final coordinating meeting for the protest on Friday evening, where a roomful of veteran organizers were shouting to make themselves heard, a young environmental activist turned toward the crowd, suddenly grave.

“I’d like to thank Aleksei Navalny,” she said. “Thanks to him, specifically because of the efforts of this concrete person, tomorrow thousands of people will come out to the square. It was he who united us with the idea: all against ‘the Party of Swindlers and Thieves,’ ” the name Mr. Navalny coined to refer to Vladimir V. Putin’s political party, United Russia.

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Corporate Extortion of Taxpayers is getting ridiculous

In keeping with the Obama administration's new governmentspeak, we are now apparently supposed to believe our state government officials should spend taxpayer money to "save" jobs. It was ridiculous enough to hear these buffoons say they could "create" jobs. As always, this has nothing to do with creating or saving jobs. These are BRIBES paid to corporate extortionists so politicians can claim credit at election time...this crapola has got to stop.

In this case, "Kentucky Economic Development" paid two companies to stay put. Hell, why can't individuals get in on this game....lets demand a tax breaks on our property taxes before we will build a house. If this is good for corporations, it ought to be good for home buyers.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky has given the new owner of the Long John Silver's and A&W restaurants tax incentives to place its headquarters in Lexington once a purchase from Louisville-based Yum Brands is completed later this month.

The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority on Thursday approved state tax incentives for the ownership, which estimated costs of $1.89 million for the location in Lexington. Assuming the company hires 30 people within 10 years, the tax incentive deal will allow it to keep $600,000 that it would otherwise pay in taxes.

Kevin Bazner, who heads the company buying A&W Restaurants, told the Lexington Herald-Leader that the company could potentially double its employee base to 60 in Lexington in the next five years.

SmartPhone Ultrasound Imaging System

A Day in the Life of the Online Teacher of the Year

Gallup Poll: Anti-Incumbent Mood at Record High

More than three-in-four voters say most members of Congress don't deserve to be reelected in a new Gallup poll released early Friday, a sign that the volatility of the three most recent Congressional elections is likely to continue into 2012.

Just 20 percent say most members of Congress deserve reelection, a record low, while 76 percent say they do not deserve to be reelected, the highest percentage Gallup has measured in the 19 years since they began asking the question. Majorities of Democrats (68 percent), Republicans (75 percent) and independents (82 percent) think most members do not deserve reelection.

Voters remain more positive about their own member of Congress -- 53 percent say their representative deserves to be reelected, compared to 39 percent who don't -- but those numbers are historically low, Gallup reports. Last year, the percentage of voters who said their representative deserved to be reelected cratered at 49 percent, just one above the record low, in 1992.

Solar Power = a little Sunlight plus a LOT of Taxpayer Money

Everybody, including the Tennessee solar "industry," has got somebody who will create a report telling us why it's just peachy keen to give them more taxpayer money. We will, the reports say, get gazillions in benefits for every dollar of taxpayer money.

Most of the sector’s needs can be met by existing state programs, Sanseverino said. But others called for more public support, such as tax credits for companies that purchase and install solar panels and a greater push to make Tennessee a center of innovation for the industry.

“We can turn Tennessee into the high-tech solar state,” said Dean Solon, president and chief executive of Shoals Technologies Group, a solar components maker in Portland. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be California.”

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Thank YOU Michael Silence

Michael got his layoff notice Tuesday from KNS. Michael used his platform at KNS to tirelessly promote the Tennessee blogosphere. His enthusiasm for blogging was a major reason Tennessee has been a leader in producing quality citizen journalism. Michael was consistently welcoming and encouraging. Thank YOU Michael Silence.

NFL gets $24 bil fm TV and they still ask for taxpayers subsidies

NFL fat cat owners must be getting a good laugh....they get huge subsidies from taxpayers and then rake in billions in TV revenue....this is insanity.

For the first time, each of the broadcast networks will pay an annual average of at least $1 billion for the rights to carry NFL games. The expected windfall from CBS, Fox and NBC will be worth more than a combined $24 billion over the next eight years.

Ethanol Corporate Welfare recipient gives Newt Big Bucks

WASHINGTON — Former House speaker Newt Gingrich counts the world’s largest ethanol producer as a top donor to his presidential campaign, underscoring the Republican’s deep ties to an industry whose government subsidies he has steadfastly defended even while running as a fiscal conservative.

The political action committee and employees of ethanol maker POET, along with their relatives, donated $20,000 to Gingrich’s campaign to emerge as the No. 2 contributor to his election account, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks money in politics. Only contributions from people associated with RockTenn, a packaging company in Gingrich’s home state of Georgia, ranked higher in the center’s tally of contributions.

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Ridiculous DC Lobbyist Party Rules-Promoting the illusion of "legality"

When bureaucrats rule we are doomed to a surreal existence where corruption is covered by a thin veneer of pseudo legitimacy.

The House and Senate ethics staff have spent ample time reviewing, editing and discussing catering menus for events hosted or paid for by lobbyists or lobbying entities. Below is a checklist of do’s and don’ts:


low-cost food that could still be considered a meal item, such as hot dogs, pizza slices, sliders (tiny hamburgers)
food that requires a fork
carving stations
pasta stations
dining tables
martini or vodka bars


passed hors d’oeuvres
finger foods or food eaten with toothpicks
beverages, including wine, beer and cocktails (but keep it simple and less expensive)

Nutmeg Maple Butter Cookies-Yummy


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I believe this is what you call EXPENSIVE Mass Transit

The state’s voters (CA) have soured on high-speed rail, according to the Field Poll.

A new survey released today shows that two-thirds of registered voters want a second chance to vote on the project — and most would reject it now that cost projections have more than doubled.

The Field Poll found that support for a new election crossed party lines.

I believe this is what you call cheap mass transit

NEW YORK (Dec. 15, 2010) –, the first city-to-city, express bus service offering fares as low as $1, today announced it is offering 200,000 free seats for travel Jan. 12 to March 1, 2011. Customers can begin booking their free seats today.

The free seats will be subject to availability for travel to/from’s U.S. cities and Toronto during the Jan. 12 to March 1 travel period. Travelers will need to use the promo code WOW200K to book their free seats.

“The Winter Seat Giveaway makes it affordable to get away and visit friends and family during the cold winter months,” said Dale Moser, president and COO of “’s low fares make travel affordable every day, but a chance at a free ticket means there’s no reason to stay home.”

She lives in a million dollar home...AND gets $1,200 govt housing voucher

Famous charities lost millions on abysmal fundraisers

Professional fundraiser Dialoguedirect Inc. did a campaign that raised $3.6 million for Children International — but wound up costing the charity $3.9 million, according to data from the attorney general. That’s a return of minus 117 percent, and it makes Children International the Golden State’s biggest loser on an individual fundraising campaign last year, from a raw dollar perspective.

Not far behind was a drive by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which gets four out of four stars from Charity Navigator and good ratings from Forbes. Grassroots Campaigns Inc. did a campaign that had revenues of $1.58 million, but wound up costing the ASPCA $1.9 million. That’s a return of minus 121 percent.

Monday, December 05, 2011

10% fewer TN State Govt Employees is a good start

10% reduction is a good start but just a few simple steps could reduce the number of State Employees even more. The most obvious step is to eliminate ridiculous civil service rules. Firing a Civil Service employee is almost impossible so many inept employees are simply transferred to another department with less bureaucratic clout.

NASHVILLE — The lingering aftershocks of 2008’s Great Recession are changing the face of Tennessee government, particularly its size. Most state functions are operating with almost 10 percent fewer workers now than before the downtown.

Data compiled by legislative analysts shows there were 47,102 full-time positions supported by the general fund in the pre-recession 2007-08 budget. That has fallen to a projected 42,856 in the 2012 state budget that took effect July 1.

The information is based on annual figures for the last five budget years compiled by the House and Senate finance committees and the Office of Legislative Budget Analysis.

Figures exclude the Transportation Department, which is funded separately. That department lost 6.6 percent of its workers during the period and has 4,667 in the current budget.

Postal Service finally admits the obvious, they are bankrupt

The real tragedy is that the talents of 10's of thousands of postal employees have been wasted for decades in an increasingly irrelevant endeavor.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Unprecedented cuts by the cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service will slow first-class delivery next spring and, for the first time in 40 years, eliminate the chance for stamped letters to arrive the next day.

The estimated $3 billion in reductions, to be announced in broader detail later Monday, are part of a wide-ranging effort by the Postal Service to quickly trim costs and avert bankruptcy. They could slow everything from check payments to Netflix's DVDs-by-mail, add costs to mail-order prescription drugs, and threaten the existence of newspapers and time-sensitive magazines delivered by postal carrier to far-flung suburban and rural communities.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

UK Education bureaucrats lurch from bad to worse and back

Every week brings another government education edict, another pedagogy theory, another "revolution." Below is an article about banning calculators in the UK. What fool ever thought letting calculators do math for you was a good way to learn math?

The worst thing that ever happened to education was government. 

Children are to banned from using calculators in the early years of primary school to tackle a nationwide crisis in basic maths skills, it was revealed today.

Ministers ordered a crackdown on pupils relying on technology as figures showed 17 million people are so bad with numbers they cannot pay household bills or understand price labels.

Teachers will be told to make pupils in the first five years of school use their heads instead of calculators and computers.

GO Candyman....may you live long and prosper

Another study shows Govt Bio-fuels a huge waste of money

The most striking result, however, may be the lack of evidence that biofuel policies can be expected to achieve significant reductions in GHG emissions, and that they may actually increase emissions.

Taxpayers take another hit with bankruptcy of Bio-fuel plant

AgSouth Farm Credit, the bank that loaned Range Fuels $80 million to launch its Soperton ethanol plant, is foreclosing on the plant.

That leaves taxpayers on the hook for the $64 million portion of the loan that was guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Strange, they don't look like insane murderous thugs now?

Guide to Communist Mummies.


Friday, December 02, 2011

Swedish Study: Cell phone bans do not improve traffic safety

Why, this is outrageous!!! Do you mean to tell me we don't need government bureaucrats making decisions for us about our safety and welfare??? You mean to tell me that one of the little people can be trusted to live their lives in freedom??? 

3.9 Do bans have a positive effect on road traffic safety? Short answer, No

How YOU can STOP rewarding Greedy People

Just STOP Buying this music. You are just rewarding greedy people and creating more of the evil 1%'ers. Have you no compassion for the people who create really awful music...they have just as much right to earn a living as anyone. I hope you are PROUD of Yourself!!

State Tourism spending is just another form of corporate welfare

But of course, the corporations which believe they benefit think its just GREAT and they would raise their voices in howls of protest if you told them it was corporate welfare. "No" they would say, its money that benefits everyone......bull feathers!!!

Bureaucrats and their corporate welfare enablers ALWAYS want more money and they have mastered the PR skills to convince OUR elected representatives that they MUST have more money because their mission is SO important.

How about this? Let's let Dolly pay for her own Dollywood advertising.

British Library puts 300 years of newspaper history online

Great resource, I did a search on "karl marx" and found this letter to the editor from Dec 1, 1878. The writer says soup kitchens are an insult to the poor and employers should not pay wages based on the productivity of their employees but the size of the employer's bank account. Wish I could go back in time and let him know how that whole Joseph Stalin thing worked out.

The launch of the archive is the first time people will be able to digitally access and search through millions of newspaper articles from the comfort of their homes. Up until now, people have had to travel to the British Library newspaper depository in Colindale, North London, to access the entire collection of 200 local and regional newspapers.

Highlights of the vast collection include gems such as vivid accounts of General Garibaldi’s UK visit to a “magnificent reception at Crystal Palace”, published in the Dundee Courier on April 18 1864, and the creation of the phonograph by Thomas Edison, in the North Wales Chronicle on December 1, 1877.

Ed King, head of the British Library’s newspaper collections, said: “People will find this archive extraordinary on both a personal and historical level. For the first time people can search for their ancestors through the pages of our newspapers wherever they are in the world at any time.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Kansas Gov Brownback does a Reverse Sundquist

I will give him a 8.5 initially and wait to see how he finishes.

Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday foreshadowed an upcoming economic plan featuring deep tax cuts, streamlined regulatory processes and big changes in the public-employee retirement system.

Working with Arthur Laffer, the architect of former President Reagan's supply-side economics, the Brownback administration is using advanced software to weigh scenarios for cutting — and possibly over time eliminating — the state income tax.

CA Union Nurses make $88k...are going on Strike?

California registered nurses make $88,714 a year on average, excluding benefits, up 20 percent from a decade ago, after adjusting for inflation, according to the California Employment Development Department. That's more than double the inflation-adjusted 8 percent increase in average wages for all Californians during the same period.

Sutter officials said that their Bay Area RNs earn up to $136,000, plus employer-paid benefits and pensions.

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Tax Collector wants a Bribe? Release Snakes in his office!!

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A Democrat says Dems need to Re-think Energy Policy

Today's Democratic leadership has reached a nadir in rational energy policymaking. In the last several years, congressional party leaders have squandered opportunities for a nuclear waste management storage program and have shown opposition to shale gas production. This month, the party reached a new low: The Obama administration's delay of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada, in spite of its promise of an additional 750,000 barrels of oil per day and the thousands of new jobs it would create, was an inexcusable political decision unbecoming of a pragmatic leader.

The former generation of Democratic legislators would have embraced the energy opportunities before the United States today. Whoever is president in 2013, it will be the first time in 40 years that the United States has a serious chance to transform its energy landscape. The previously accepted inexorable decline in U.S. oil and gas production is being reversed: New "tight oil" — resources trapped in low-porosity formations such as shale rock — could provide the country with several million barrels of oil per day in the coming decades, and the country's abundant and accessible shale gas reserves may leave us gas independent for up to a century. There also are still conventional reserves to be tapped, most notably in Alaska, where the Beaufort and Chukchi seas and the North Slope hold an abundance of hydrocarbon reserves.

Khan Academy-Better Education without the Edubureaucracy

Khan Academy, which began as one man's effort to tutor his young cousin in math over the Internet via YouTube, has rapidly grown into a mass movement which is used by millions of students monthly, in a range of subjects from math and science to the humanities.

The O'Sullivan Foundation's support will be used to lay the foundation for three major initiatives:- growing the faculty of the Khan Academy;- extending the content to include crowd-sourced contributions; and- developing curricula for a blended physical and virtual academic experience.

"Some of these initiatives will take years to develop and perfect," said Shantanu Sinha, President of the Khan Academy, "but with this support from the O'Sullivan Foundation, we start today to turn these dreams into reality."