Monday, December 05, 2011

10% fewer TN State Govt Employees is a good start

10% reduction is a good start but just a few simple steps could reduce the number of State Employees even more. The most obvious step is to eliminate ridiculous civil service rules. Firing a Civil Service employee is almost impossible so many inept employees are simply transferred to another department with less bureaucratic clout.

NASHVILLE — The lingering aftershocks of 2008’s Great Recession are changing the face of Tennessee government, particularly its size. Most state functions are operating with almost 10 percent fewer workers now than before the downtown.

Data compiled by legislative analysts shows there were 47,102 full-time positions supported by the general fund in the pre-recession 2007-08 budget. That has fallen to a projected 42,856 in the 2012 state budget that took effect July 1.

The information is based on annual figures for the last five budget years compiled by the House and Senate finance committees and the Office of Legislative Budget Analysis.

Figures exclude the Transportation Department, which is funded separately. That department lost 6.6 percent of its workers during the period and has 4,667 in the current budget.