Monday, January 31, 2011

Poorest 5% of Americans are Richer than 68% of World's Inhabitants


Notice how the entire line for the United States resides in the top portion of the graph? That’s because the entire country is relatively rich. In fact, America’s bottom ventile is still richer than most of the world: That is, the typical person in the bottom 5 percent of the American income distribution is still richer than 68 percent of the world’s inhabitants.


"Debt ceiling vote could spark first GOP firefight," we can only hope

We can EASILY hold the debt ceiling without defaulting on the debt. Default is NOT the issue, the issue is: Does the GOP have the spine to cut spending?

WASHINGTON - A looming revolt against raising the national debt limit has opened the first visible rift between the new GOP leadership in the U.S. House and a faction represented by House Tea Party Caucus leader Michele Bachmann.

The Minnesota Republican also has received high-profile backing from former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who has made opposition to raising the debt ceiling part of his likely presidential campaign.

American League of Lobbyists Statement on Earmarks

The American League of Lobbyists position on earmarks is very clear: 
ALL is opposed to any action that limits elected officials from fully representing their constituents. ALL respects the constitutional right for any citizen to redress grievances including what is considered best for their state or district. As a separate branch of government, Congress must maintain its Constitutional responsibility in the federal budget process.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tea Party activists train to be candidates: BostonGlobe

Humphries was attending Tea Party candidate training school, an attempt to channel the fiery, inchoate energy of the Tea Party movement into disciplined, professionally managed campaigns for elective office.

Over the course of the morning, Humphries, a Tea Party activist from Bedford, and about 30 others listened to two professional political consultants teach them how to build a budget, organize a fund-raiser, set up a Twitter account, handle the press, and knock on doors.
Chris Faulkner, who helped organized the direct-mail campaign for Scott Brown’s Senate campaign last year, helped lead yesterday’s session. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tennessean highlights tortured political logic of crony capitalism

Hallelujah!! Finally, some Tennessee companies are fighting back against crony capitalism. I am not sure why existing Tennessee businesses are so meek when it comes to politicians granting favors that put them at a disadvantage...hope this is the start of something big.


Retailers ranging from a small independent bookstore owner in Dickson to giant big box chains are lining up against Amazon and a sales tax break it wants from Tennessee.

Hanging in the balance is whether customers who live in Tennessee, and who
buy from, will have to pay sales taxes on their purchases.

Opposition storeowners want Amazon to collect sales tax from Tennesseans even after the Internet sales giant opens two distribution centers in East Tennessee. They say other retailers with brick-and-mortar locations in the state collect taxes on their Web-based orders, and Amazon shouldn't get a free pass.

But state leaders might give the Internet Goliath just that as a "thank you" of sorts for the jobs the company will create at the distribution complex.

Michael Williams announces Texas Senate Campaign

Michael Williams announced a bid Thursday for Texas’ Senate seat. The Tea Party loves him, but can he overcome a tough primary to become the Senate’s lone black member? Williams talks to Benjamin Sarlin about his plan to win, his friendship with George W. Bush, and his trademark bowtie.
Article - Sarlin Williams

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Egypt implements "Net Neutrality"

Egypt wants to neutralize anyone on the net who is a threat to the government.

Reports are coming in that Egypt is now under an Internet and SMS blackout, just hours before a new series of major protests are planned against the regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

Sebone, a major Egyptian service provider based in Italy, is reporting that no Internet traffic is entering or exiting the country as of 12:30 AM Egyptian time. Reporters and citizens on-the-ground are also reporting that they are experiencing Internet and SMS outages.

Cuba plans children's videogame to promote taxes

HAVANA (Reuters) - Socialist Cuba, where most people have never had to pay taxes, is developing a videogame to teach school children the importance of contributing to the public purse.

Since revolutionary leader Fidel Castro nationalized the economy in the 1960s, most Cuban workplaces have belonged to the government, which considered it senseless to pay people money then take it back again in the form of taxes.

Dubbed "Tributin," or "Little Tax," by its creators at the Superior Pedagogic Institute of Holguin, 455 miles (730 km) east of Havana, the game is meant to support economic reforms by Fidel Castro's brother, President Raul Castro, who is expanding Cuba's tiny private sector. The game is expected to roll out in October.

You want a Carbon footprint? HERE's your carbon footprint!!!


CBO: Federal Deficit to hit record $1.5 TRILLION in 2011

Last month’s bipartisan tax cuts and spending deal has deepened the federal deficit dramatically this year, putting the government on track for a nearly $1.5 trillion shortfall — the largest in history — the Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday.

The sobering check on the country’s finances was announced a day after President Obama‘s address to Congress and underscored the country’s tenuous fiscal standing, which could doom many of Mr. Obama‘s initiatives to boost government spending on education, roads and other infrastructure.

The CBO did say the economy appears to be improving, albeit slowly, from a deep recession that drove the unemployment rate to more than 10 percent. The rate is still above 9 percent, despite efforts by Mr. Obama and Congress to pump money into the economy.

“It’s been a slow recovery by the standards of our past. The labor market in particular has been coming back slowly; income has been coming back slowly,” said CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf.

Blount County mayor vows tax hike veto

County Mayor Ed Mitchell has vowed to veto any property tax increase in the 2011-2012 fiscal year budget.

“My commitment going into this was no tax increase — $2.04 (per $100 of assessed value), we’re going to live with it,” Mitchell said. “If the commission decides to go any higher, I’ll veto it.”

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

6,000 New Pages of Obamacare Regs added to Federal Registry

And you thought a 2,000 page bill was ain't seen nuttin yet. The Obamacare bureaucrats are just getting warmed up.


US now the world's biggest natural gas producer

HT: Mark Perry


Studies are underway into newly-recoverable sources, Ms. Corbeau said. "The gas story is huge. A few years ago the United States was ready to import gas. In 2009 it had become the world's biggest gas producer. This is phenomenal, unbelievable."

The U.S. achieved the change through a technological breakthrough in which firms found a way of using tiny explosions to free gas previously trapped in a common rock - shale. Miss Corbeau said other nations were now rushing to replicate the U.S. success by exploiting gas currently trapped in various types of rock where it was thought to be impossible to access."

Monday, January 24, 2011

Flier is aquitted of "charges" of video taping TSA officers

Phil Mocek knows he isn't required to show ID to fly, and that it's perfectly legal to record video in publicly accessible areas of an airport. A jury agreed with him earlier this week, acquitting him of trumped-up charges brought against him by TSA and police officers who demanded obedience. He didn't need to call any witnesses or testify himself; he was acquitted based on the evidence entered against him.

Poll Graph: Does Barack Obama Share your priorities?


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Will Diane Black help to stop the federal borrowing binge?

Our new Congresswoman, and my representative in the US House, was on Ralph Bristol's show and was very non-committal on the debt ceiling vote. We all need to remind Diane Black that we are looking to her to STOP the red ink and vote NO on any increase in the federal debt limit. We have granted her tremendous power over our lives and we all need to let her know how we feel about this vote.

Here is a short audio clip from Ralph's show where he asks her about her the debt limit vote.

You can email Diane HERE.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Two Ladies Fighting for Freedom in Tunisia and Cuba


Flashback: Who supported the TN State Income Tax? TSEA and TEA

Its always important to remember who supported growing the size of Tennessee State Government via a State Income Tax. Two of the most aggressive organizations who promoted and funded advocacy in favor of imposing a State Income Tax on the residents of Tennessee were: 1-the teacher's union, the Tennessee Education Association and 2-the Tennessee State Employees union, The Tennessee State Employees Association.

Tennessee Education Association
Jerry Winters, director of government relations for the Tennessee Education Association, said the state needed an income tax.

''The taxation system in Tennessee is just flat screwed up,'' Mr. Winters said.

Tennessee State Employees Association (move viewing window up to see picture)
Monday's rally was supported by several groups, including the Tennessee State Employees Association, the largest union of state employees.

AP: Tea party candidate officially in KY governor's race

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Tea party candidate Phil Moffett has officially entered the race for governor in Kentucky.

Moffett, a Republican businessman from Louisville, filed candidacy papers Friday afternoon at the secretary of state's office

Its called arrogance: DC residents rank themselves as most intelligent


Friday, January 21, 2011

Chattanooga Tea Party hears police officers on On Take Home Car Issue

The Tea Party is affecting ALL levels of government.

They wanted to clear up confusion, give the facts and drum up more support to make the the take home cars free again.

From security at the parking lots where many of them now safety of citizens ...Chattanooga Police try to clear up confusion on the take home car issue.

Phil Grubb, IBPO, "It's all fictitious numbers and fuzzy math."

Phil Grubb the president of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers joined Sgt. Craig Joel to address the Chattanooga Tea Party.

Republicans seek to shrink Minn. state payroll

"We have an unsustainable cost structure in state government," Downey told reporters at the State Capitol, complaining that the public labor force has grown much faster in the past 25 years than private sector employment totals.

"If we don't draw a line in the sand around the size of our workforce. If we hire behind the wave of retirees that are approaching retirement age in state government we will simply cement that work force."

Idaho GOP gets ready to nullify health care reform

BOISE, Idaho – After leading the nation last year in passing a law to sue the federal government over the health care overhaul, Idaho's Republican-dominated Legislature now plans to use an obscure 18th century doctrine to declare President Barack Obama's signature bill null and void.

Lawmakers in six other states — Maine, Montana, Oregon, Nebraska, Texas and Wyoming — are also mulling "nullification" bills, which contend states, not the U.S. Supreme Court, are the ultimate arbiter of when Congress and the president run amok

This will help security?? Two unions fighting to organize TSA workers

The final stretch of a major union organizing contest is about to begin.

It's high drama, not only for the two largest federal employee unions, but also for the small, and once belittled, federal agency that will share the spotlight with them.

The labor organizations are battling each other to win the loyalty of 50,000 transportation security officers.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fannie Mae pumped the housing bubble full of hot air


"The Fed’s low interest rates, combined with Fannie and Freddie’s government-sponsored purchases of mortgages, made it highlyand artificially profitable to lend to anyone and everyone. The banks and mortgage companies didn’t need to be any greedier than they already were. When banks saw that Fannie and Freddie were willing to buy virtually any loan made to under-qualified borrowers, they made a lot more of them.

Greed is no more to blame for these bad mortgages than gravity is to blame for plane crashes.  Gravity is always present, just like greed. Only the Federal Reserve’s easy money policy and Congress’ housing policy can explain why the bubble happened when it did, where it did.

Can your cellphone be searched without a warrant? Probably

Last week, California's Supreme Court reached a controversial 5-2 decision in People v. Diaz (PDF), holding that police officers may lawfully search mobile phones found on arrested individuals' persons without first obtaining a search warrant. The court reasoned that mobile phones, like cigarette packs and wallets, fall under the search incident to arrest exception to the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

California's opinion in Diaz is the latest of several recent court rulings upholding warrantless searches of mobile phones incident to arrest. While this precedent is troubling for civil liberties, it's not a death knell for mobile phone privacy. If you follow a few basic guidelines, you can protect your mobile device from unreasonable search and seizure, even in the event of arrest. In this article, we will discuss the rationale for allowing police to conduct warrantless searches of arrestees, your right to remain silent during police interrogation, and the state of mobile phone security.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wis Lt Gov makes cold calls to Illinois Businesses after tax hike


The Illinois way: Vote for a tax hike, Get a new Job

SPRINGFIELD — Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn gave a nearly $86,000 state job to a former lame-duck lawmaker who supplied one of the votes needed to pass his major income tax increase, but the governor's office and former state Rep. Careen Gordon both said Friday that there was no connection between the actions.

"In the seven years and couple weeks I was in the legislature, my vote was never for sale," Gordon said. "Sometimes, there's just no conspiracy."

Gordon, a Democrat from Morris who recently moved to Chicago, said she first approached the governor about a job on the Illinois Prisoner Review Board soon after losing her re-election bid in November. She said that Quinn asked her in that conversation what she thought of the possibility of a tax increase.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Kentucky Legislature puts salary and expenditure info online


Abolish the Hall Income Tax, Hip Hip HOORAY!!

HB0046/SB0033 filed by Rep. Cameron Sexton (R-25) and Sen. Charlotte Burks (D-15) would abolish the income tax on stocks and bonds by 2015, while lowering the tax rate from 6% to 4% in 2013 and from 4% to 2% in 2014. This is currently the only form of income tax our state government is authorized to collect under its Constitution.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

CorpNet® - The Fastest Way To Incorporate a Business


This is how you do "economic development" RIGHT

Most governors and mayors want to do "economic development" by secretly negotiating sweetheart deals with large corporations behind closed doors giving away millions of taxpayer dollars. Its called bribery and the object is to buy votes.

The new governor of Wisconsin wants to lower tax rates for ALL businesses and compete with other states based on total tax burden.

Gov. Scott Walker is planning an all-out border war with Illinois, hoping his promise of a better economic climate will lure businesses away from a state considering a historic tax hike.

The Illinois House early Wednesday approved a 67 percent increase in that state's personal income tax rate, and a 46 percent increase in its corporate tax rate. If made law, the measure would go a long way in closing the considerable tax gap between Wisconsin and its southern neighbor — something the governor hopes will provide an opportunity for job growth here.

71% strongly oppose debt ceiling increase: Reuters/Ipsos

Some 71 percent of those surveyed oppose increasing the borrowing authority, the focus of a brewing political battle over federal spending. Only 18 percent support an increase

The poll underscores the tough task ahead for U.S. lawmakers as the debt nears its current ceiling of $14.3 trillion. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner last week warned that a failure to raise the borrowing limit in the coming months could lead to "catastrophic economic consequences".

Half of All States Now Suing to Stop Obamacare

It is also why the newly elected governors of Ohio, Oklahoma, Maine, and Wisconsin have all decided to sue the Obama administration in hopes of stopping Obamacare. Specifically, Gov. Mary Fallin of Oklahoma has announced that the Sooner State will pursue its own case against the law, while Govs. John Kasich (R) and Scott Walker (R) (of Ohio and Wisconsin respectively) will add their states to Florida’s multi-state suit. And yesterday, newly sworn-in state Attorney General William Schneider announced Maine would also join the the Florida litigation. That brings the number of states on the Florida suit to 23 and the total number of states suing to stop Obamacare (which includes Virginia and Oklahoma) to 25.

Thomas Sowell on the Federal Reserve

Good recap of latest Tenncare Fraud News from TNReport


  • In that case, a home health care worker was fired from his job, but managed to get his wife hired instead though he continued to perform the work, the Commercial Appeal reported. Jimmie Lang Jr. pleaded guilty and was sentenced to eight years in prison, and his employer, Home Care Solutions, was ordered to repay TennCare the $90,000 it took under fraudulent circumstances.
  • An Overton County woman has pleaded guilty to TennCare fraud. Her prison sentence has been suspended, contingent on her repaying the state almost $27,000, in addition to paying a $5,000 fine and court costs, according to the Overton County News. Leslie A. Christensen, of Livingston, was targeted as part of a wider probe of Clark’s Pharmacy, in Livingston, that implicated pharmacist Malcolm D. Clark and 22 TennCare enrollees.
  • A Monterey TennCare enrollee was arrested after allegedly “doctor shopping,” going from one physician to another with the aim of amassing painkillers and other controlled substances, the Herald-Citizen reported. Anna Ledford, 53, used TennCare to pay for the pills and doctor visits and has been charged with TennCare fraud. Knoxville resident Michelle Hawkins, 22, and Bradley Allen Price, 34, of Harriman, were also charged with TennCare fraud stemming from “doctor shopping,” according to the state Office of Inspector General.
  • A Rockwood man used TennCare to obtain the painkiller Oxycodone, with the intent to resell at least part of the drugs, the Office of Inspector General announced. Robert Wayne Edwards, 52, has been charged with TennCare fraud.
  • Painkillers were also involved in a Rutherford County case that has implicated staff at La Vergne Medical Clinic. Mallary Waldon, 24, of Smyrna, and three others at the clinic allegedly obtained prescriptions for painkillers and other drugs, which were paid for with TennCare, the Murfreesboro Post reported. Waldon has been charged with multiple counts of prescription fraud and TennCare fraud.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Illinois politicians destroy the Family Budget in order to fix the Gov Budget

Politicians always believe the government budget, ANY government budget, is more important than the family budget of taxpayers. So, in their resplendent arrogance they can always justify a tax hike.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — A major Illinois tax increase has jumped its first legislative hurdle, setting the stage for a vote by the entire Illinois House.

The tax plan was approved 7-5 Tuesday by the House Revenue Committee.

It would temporarily bump the state's personal income tax rate to 5 percent, up from 3 percent now. That's a slightly smaller increase than Democratic leaders originally proposed.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Indiana Tea Party activists meet to agree on Lugar Opponent

INDIANAPOLIS — Tea party activists from across Indiana will meet this month to try to agree on a candidate who they hope can defeat Sen. Richard Lugar in next year's Republican primary.

Monica Boyer of the northern Indiana group Kosciusko County Silent No More tells The Indianapolis Star that representatives of more than 50 tea party groups will meet Jan. 22 in the city Tipton. Boyer is among the leaders of the anti-Lugar group Hoosiers for Conservative Senate.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Creeping tyranny in Greece: "economic crimes"

Greece, struggling to cut deficits and dig out of its debt crisis, is getting tougher on tax evaders, enforcing a new law that allows immediate closure of businesses that violate tax regulations.
On Thursday, six bars and night clubs in the broader Athens were shut down for 48 hours by the finance ministry's economic crimes unit (SDOE) for not issuing receipts to customers in an effort to evade VAT tax.

GOP welcomes back guns to the New Hampshire State House

Now wait just a you mean to tell me that New Hampshire Republicans consider reasonable the notion that citizens have as many rights as politicians? And those same citizens should be able to exercise their second amendment rights everywhere that politicians may? 

And that politicians may not assume possessing a firearm implies you are a murderous idiot or radical revolutionary bent on destroying the country? And government must assume all citizens are capable of leading their lives in freedom and dignity until government can PROVE otherwise? What a concept!!

CONCORD – Republicans started off the year by allowing guns in and around the New Hampshire House chambers Wednesday, and starting an ouster attempt against a leading Democrat.

The change in gun policy reverses a long-standing ban on firearms in Representatives Hall and adjacent areas. Republicans supported the change in a loud voice vote.

Politician, thy name is arrogance, Ed Rendell blows up at Lesley Stahl


"But you're not getting it," Rendell says.

"I'm dumb now," Stahl says.

"You're not getting it," Rendell says, clearly flustered. "Those people would lose that money anyway. Don't you understand? You guys don't get that. You're simpletons. You're idiots if you don't get that."

By the end, he is grimacing and waving his hands.

BBC Newsnight: Has US Lost control of its Debt?

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Illinois Dems looking at 66% Income tax hike


Video: Bloomberg explains Tennessee's Crack Tax


How Government Failure Caused the Great Recession

In answer to the questions posed above about what specific factors explain the: causes and timing of the banking crisis and the extraordinary departure from historically sound underwriting and securitization standards for residential mortgages, we identify a potent mix of six major government policies that together rewarded short-sighted collective risk-taking and penalized long-term business leadership:

IRS's 'hard-core' collection tactics needlessly harm taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service's increasing use of "hard-core" collection tactics "is inflicting unnecessary harm on financially struggling taxpayers," an in-house critic at the IRS said Wednesday.

The IRS routinely imposes liens on delinquent taxpayers, thereby damaging their credit scores and potentially jeopardizing their access to jobs, insurance and even rental housing, National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson said in an annual report to Congress.

By making it harder for taxpayers to get back on their feet, the IRS might actually reduce long-term tax collections, Olson wrote.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Tea Party leaders not swayed by Lugar meeting

Washington (CNN) - Hoping to head off a primary challenge from the right, Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Indiana, sat down with Tea Party leaders last month but did little to persuade them of his conservative credentials.

The two-hour meeting, which took place over breakfast on Dec. 13th at a Marriott hotel in downtown Indianapolis, was described by participants on both sides as "cordial," but the Tea Party activists left vowing to oppose Lugar's bid for a seventh term.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Job ONE for the new Congress: CUT SPENDING

We are bankrupt!! We are BROKE!! The time is NOW to cut spending, CUT, CUT, CUT.

When your scissors dull, sharpen them and CUT SOME MORE.

Have sacred cow steak for dinner and cut some more.


Monday, January 03, 2011

European nations begin seizing private pensions

Link HT: Say Uncle
People’s retirement savings are a convenient source of revenue for governments that don’t want to reduce spending or make privatizations. As most pension schemes in Europe are organised by the state, European ministers of finance have a facilitated access to the savings accumulated there, and it is only logical that they try to get a hold of this money for their own ends. In recent weeks I have noted five such attempts: Three situations concern private personal savings; two others refer to national funds.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

SHUT IT DOWN, otherwise these idiots will keep on spending

Where to start...Obama's top economic advisor warns the tea party not to "play with the debt ceiling"??

His boss has been "playing with the debt ceiling" ever since he took office with the largest deficits in history and he has the unmitigated gall to self-righteously preach to others about "playing with the debt ceiling"?? 

What a piece of work this guy hell with him, SHUT DOWN the government until someone in Congress shows us they are not complete idiots!

President Obama's top economic advisor, Austan Goolsbee, warned today against "playing chicken" with raising the country's debt ceiling, saying it would cause "a worse financial economic crisis than anything we saw in 2008."

"This is not a game. The debt ceiling is not something to toy with," said Goolsbee, the chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, in an exclusive interview on "This Week."

"If we hit the debt ceiling, that's ... essentially defaulting on our obligations, which is totally unprecedented in American history," he said. "The impact on the economy would be catastrophic."

As frustration grows, airports consider ditching TSA

Some of the nation's biggest airports are responding to recent public outrage over security screening by weighing whether they should hire private firms such as Covenant to replace the Transportation Security Administration. Sixteen airports, including San Francisco and Kansas City International Airport, have made the switch since 2002. One Orlando airport has approved the change but needs to select a contractor, and several others are seriously considering it.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which governs Dulles International and Reagan National airports, is studying the option, spokeswoman Tara Hamilton said.

For airports, the change isn't about money. At issue, airport managers and security experts say, is the unwieldy size and bureaucracy of the federal aviation security system. Private firms may be able to do the job more efficiently and with a personal touch, they argue.

NYT: Tea Party Activists Angry at G.O.P. Leaders

“Do I think that they’ve recognized what happened on Election Day? I would say decisively no,” said Mark Meckler, a co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, which sent its members an alert last month urging them to call their representatives to urge them to “stop now and go home!!”

“We sent them a message that we expect them to go home and come back newly constituted and do something different,” Mr. Meckler said. “For them to legislate when they’ve collectively lost their mandate just shows the arrogance of the ruling elite. I can’t imagine being repudiated in the way they were and then coming back and saying ‘Now that we’ve been repudiated, let’s go pass some legislation.’ ”

“I’m surprised by how blatant it was,” he added.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

California cities start levying "crash" taxes

Link HT: Newsalert
At least 50 cities in the state have adopted so-called crash-tax laws allowing local governments to seek reimbursement from insurance companies for the costs of sending public emergency crews to accident scenes. The fees can amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If insurers don't pay, cities can hire collection agents to seek payment from the motorists involved.

Billing crash victims might seem heartless. But public officials said that budget woes are compelling them to find new ways to raise revenue. Over the last six years, Costa Mesa, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Hemet and other cities have started charging fees for accident-related public services.