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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hope you will join me at the TN Capital at noon on Tues Jan 10

for the vote on the Constitutional Amendment to permanently prohibit an income tax in Tennessee. The amendment will among the first votes taken in the 2012 session of the Tennessee General Assembly.  This is only the first step. The amendment will have to pass by a 2/3 vote in the next session and then it will go on the ballot for the people of Tennessee to make the final decision. A BIG Thank you to all the House and Senate sponsors and co-sponsors who made this happen.

The amendment has already passed the Senate so this vote will be in the House chamber.

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John Tanner was Heath Schuler's mentor??

Those election losses enabled Shuler to rise in the group’s leadership and gain visibility on key fiscal issues.

“I think he’ll be a real player,” said John Tanner, a former Blue Dog congressman from Tennessee who is now vice chairman of Prime Policy Group, a Washington lobbying firm. “As the middle gets hollowed out in Congress, the ones who are left who are truly in the middle will be more sought-after, not less.”

Tanner, whom Shuler considers a mentor, said the ex-football player showed his fiscally conservative streak before he came to Congress. When Shuler signed with the Washington Redskins in 1994, he saved his bonus and lived on his salary alone — “not the modus operandi of most professional athletes,” Tanner noted.

“Plus, he was a quarterback,” Tanner added, “and they’re just natural leaders.”

Shuler is well-liked by members of both parties, according to Tanner and Allen Boyd, another former Blue Dog congressman and mentor.

Merry Christmas to all Natural Gas and Energy Consumers!!

Professor Perry lists just a few of the natural gas price reduction notices that have resulted from the gas fracking technology revolution. Natural gas prices are plummeting and the substitution effect is lowering prices for ALL energy consumers, i.e., many oil and coal powered plants are being converted to much cheaper natural gas.

What will all the all the enviro-wackos do with all that extra money?


Here's a Christmas Christmakwanzakuh present for consumers around the country: Natural gas prices for residential customers are falling this winter, thanks to the fracking revolution and America's new abundant supply of shale gas:

1. "Idaho's Intermountain Gas Company filed a request Thursday with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission to lower natural gas rates for its customers. The company says it is filing the interim purchased gas adjustment because the price of natural gas continues to decrease."
2.  "After years of increases, some of them in double digits, Pacific Northern Gas (PNG) is reducing its rates. In filings made to the BC Utilities Commission,  PNG wants to drop its overall residential rate by 1.1 per cent next year."

3. "Residential customers of Tennessee's Piedmont Natural Gas should get a break in their bills starting Feb. 1 as natural gas costs continue to fall. That is expected to be followed the next month by an increase in service charges, if it’s approved by the Tennessee Regulatory Authority. Still, payments over a year should be about 7 percent less after both changes. The typical residential customer who spent $739 for natural gas this year would pay $685 after the adjustments, according to Piedmont."

4.  "If you're a
Connecticut Light & Power customer you got a little something extra in your stocking this holiday season, as the state's largest electrical company announced Thursday that most residential customers will see a 7.5 percent rate decease on their bills starting in January."

"The lower rates are primarily due to
falling natural gas prices, which affects how much we pay for power," said Jim Muntz, CL&P's acting president. "This is very positive news not only for our residential customers, but for all of our Standard Service customers, who will see reductions in their rates."

5. "
New Jersey's PSE&G has announced that it is lowering residential gas bills by an additional 4.6 percent, or nearly $8.53 per winter month for the typical residential customer.
The utility said the action represents the eighth decrease in a row for residential customers, for a total of more than $614, or 35 percent, in savings since January 2009. The price reduction takes effect Dec. 1.

PSE&G attributed the cost savings and rate reductions to
lower market prices for natural gas, which are partially due to the availability of abundant and lower cost shale gas."